Translate Multi-Domain plugin

Hi we have problem with translate this plugin. We use Codestyling localization to manage translations. After generate files .po and .mo we move it to folder wp-content/mu-plugins/multi-domains-files/languages but still we don't see translation on interface of this plugin.

Can You help me?


  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    I've never done much with this plugin so my knowledge will be limited here. So this generates your .po and .mo files, names them accordingly and places them in the appropriate directory right?

    Do the files naming convention match correctly? Have you opened in something like PoEdit to ensure they are not corrupted somehow?

    Take care.

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    @kkw2 Hello and welcome to the WPMU Community!
    You should put the files generated by Codestyling Localization inside the /mu-plugins/multi-domains-files/languages, not mu-plugins/languages.

    I use this plugin as well for my localizations and I can verify that it works flawlessly. For plugins located in the plugins folder it automatically does everything for you. The only issue I have found is when translating plugins located in the mu-plugins folder. It just doesn't know where to put the files correctly in there...

    I haven't tried translating the multi-domains plugin but from a look I took that's where your files should go.

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