Translate problems - missing strings


Trying to integrate Directory plugin to my theme, and having translating problems:
There are 2 language files in the languages folder (which I had duplicated and gave my language extension), but it seems not everything could be translated there:

I couldn't find how to translate the following strings:

1. Listings – main directory page title
2. Listing Category – directory category page title
3. Edit | Delete | Preview – my listing page
4. Add Listing – add listing page title
5. Edit Listing – edit listing page title

Add/Edit Listing page - the following strings (labels & discriptions):
1. All Listing Categories – found at both translating files but nothing changed in the page after translating
2. Listing Tags – found at directory-default.po, but nothing changed in the page after translating
3. Add or remove listing categories – not found
4. Add or remove listing tags – not found
5. Status – not found
I can find & change these strings at page-update-listing.php - but it doesn't seem the right way (If I will want to update plugin)

- all labels and required at contact publisher form (no problem with descriptions, though)
- the word "Review" above comment

couldn’t' find where to translate, only at ratings.php at core folder.