Translated page not indexed by Google.


I am using Ultimiate Translate for my website

Originally I have this post

I translated my post a few weeks ago with

However, my translated page was not indexed by Google at all. It has been weeks and I don't think it takes so long for Google to do so.

Can someone advise?

  • drmike
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    As Aaron notes, you may want to provide links within the Post content to the translated Post. That would be beneficial to your visitors as well I would think.

    Also note that the two urls have the same wording. Google may be seeing it a dupe content and only indexing one. Aaron, is there some way for the UT plugin to translate the url as well? Would be helpful for SEO I would think.

  • bloggeroftheweb
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    Hi Aaron,

    I have added the translated page to my sitemap but still not indexed by Google.

    Check this out!

    You can see in my sitemap, I have included the links of all my translated pages in Malay, Dutch and French. This has been done since 2 weeks ago but until now, Google has yet to index the translated pages.

    Please help! Have you tried any method that works for you?

    Hi Drmike,

    I see the beauty of translating the URLs too. But come back to think of it, may not be a good idea because don't forget we have internal links too. If the URL is translated as well, the internal links within our translated pages may not work as a result.

  • bloggeroftheweb
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    Hi Aaron,

    Basically what I did was, I go to

    Under the search box, i type the following,


    if google index above translated page, it will return the translated page as the search result.

  • bloggeroftheweb
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    Hi Aaron,

    let me append the language code to the home page and add as a link to my homepage.

    let me see if google will crawl my translated pages through there.

    yes, i checked my google webmaster and apparently 155 URLs submitted but only 44 URLs indexed.

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