Translating the Appointements+ plugin with Poedit


I've successfully downloaded Poedit and renamed the .pot file Appointments-en_US.pot

At this point, I'm not sure exactly how to translate this file. There are hundreds of lines of text, many of which seem to be FAQ's, so I don't know which ones to modify. When I do find which one(s) I need to change, I'm not sure exactly where to put the correct verbiage.

Help has been great on this issue so far. I think this is pretty close to a solution.


  • EricGiauque
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Okay, made some good progress....
    1. I figured out how to use Poedit and made the "translation" updates successfully and loaded them through FTP to my server. I can now see the changes, and I know how to make any more of them if I find verbiage I need to adjust.

    2. I realized I could see the short codes for the WP page that was automatically created to set the appointments. I have renamed it "Book a Delivery Date" and I removed some of the short codes that I did not want.

    However I now have a problem where the second month is showing first, and the first month is showing afterward. Looks like it inverted them. I did not think I deleted any short codes I should have not, but perhaps I did.
    Here's the page, and I've attached several screen shots.


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Eric,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I'm glad you were able to figure out how to translate plugins with PoEdit but just in case you'd need more information on this, here's a handy article on our blog:

    As for calendar issue. I checked your site and I think this isn't related to translations.

    There are two calendars (added with shortcodes) to the page. The first one - on top - was created with this shortcode:

    [app_monthly_schedule add="1"]

    This means it shows a schedule for "current month +1", meaning at this moment it shows schedule for March.

    Below are next shortcodes that display services and calendar for those (selected) services. This is also working fine. The confusion here is caused by the fact that you named your services as "March 7 to March 11" and "March 14 to March 18" and renamed "Please select a service" to "Please select a delivery week".

    However, both these services are set to be available each Monday - Friday from 12 am to 6pm with no exception. When you select "March 7 to March 11" from the drop-down list it doesn't change any availability dates and it shouldn't. Instead it simply shows calendar for selected service.

    The service should be for example: "Car rental", "Nurse visit", "Therapy session" etc (consider it a "product" - service - that you let you customers book). In case you'd like to setup availability on specific dates only you will want to use "Appointments -> Settings -> Exceptions" page in your dashboard.

    I hope that helps,

    Best regards,

  • EricGiauque
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I've done quite a bit of working with the appointments plugin, and I believe that the Appointments+ plugin will not work for what I need it to do.

    Unless I am mistaken, I'm not able to map either services or service providers to specific dates.

    If I could map services to various dates, I could set the capacity to 10 for this week, 20 for two weeks from and 30 for three weeks from now.

    And if I could map service providers to specific dates, I could map Service A (with a capacity of 10) to Provider 1, then map Provider 1 to this week. I could also map Service B (with capacity of 20) to Provider 2, then map Provider 2 to next week, etc, etc.

  • EricGiauque
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    As a follow up, I wonder if there might be another solution to explore here.

    Is there another plugin that would support eCommerce purchases of non-tangible services that might act as a good proxy?

    For example, having my customers book a delivery date is similar to having them book a day-long seminar or a plan ticket. Is it possible to set up a product like a class, but to set the price at zero?

    Is it possible to set the date and quantity of that kind of product? I thought I saw something like that in Woocommerce, but I thought I'd check with WPMU Dev as well.


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Eric!

    Let me just make sure that were on a same side here :slight_smile: You'd like to offer various services that

    - got limited capacity so for example up to 10 people can book single instance
    - got precisely defined "time slots" (e.g. starts at 10am and ends at 8pm)
    - are only available at specific dates (e.g. everyday from March 11 to March 15 and April 1st to April 18th)
    - are free (attendees do not have to pay for it)

    Would that be correct? I think instead of Appointments plus our "Events+" plugin may be a better choice here. Please take a look at its description first:

    If you come up with any questions about it in relation to what you'd like to achieve, please ask and I'll be happy to assist you!

    Best regards,

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