what does that mean?

"Internationalisation of every theme assisted by the team at"

All themes seem to be english only and don't seem to contain any language files. They don't also get recognized by the famous CodeStyling Localization plugin?

I'd like to translate some but everything seems to be hardcoded.

Thanks for helping!

  • Richie_KS

    "Internationalisation of every theme assisted by the team at"

    i think you may misunderstood that:slight_smile:
    they just simply mean all the themes are international locale ready with all text string
    in theme wrap with either __() or _e() localization string.

    few of the themes in theme pack already had some other language ready and most don't
    you will need to use poedit to edit the text string to your language.

    the new 133 Farm pack 2010 will be released soon so be sure to start the translation
    on the new version rather than the old version since the new version had load_theme_textdomain
    which is much easier to translate and manage inside theme language folder.