translation ......... all plugins admin and front end

All WP plugins we use translate using mqTranslate on many sites.

is EASY to use users and admin and functions on sites

Now MS - WP - and WPMUdev plugins and we get this endless JOB of finding fixing etc..

Why oh Why did you move away from core functionality, its all well and good to force folks to use you but when you no longer integrate with core without major time and effort on the users part - I would have to question have you missed the reason one would want to use your services..

Have I missed something ..?
Do I seriously need to translate every WPMU dev plugin? to work with mqTranslate..

NO I do NOT wish to use WPML... for a number of very valid reasons just in case thats a solution you wish to offer..

I need a solution..
Have I missed basic translations for all of your plugins???