Translation issues with several themes

A lot of themes have hardcoded text in the php files, like 'Posted by', the_time('F jS, Y ') etc. etc.

That way, internationalization is tricky. I am working on a dutch wmpu site and have the 100 themes package installed. When a user changes his date preference to j F Y these themes don't reflect that preference.

  • Ovidiu

    yeah, right :slight_frown: there are a lot of issues with the theme pack. I for one have manually tagged every theme with Romanian tags now, fixed some small glitches which I posted here (mostly css issues) and extended some themes to have up loadable header images so I really dread the upcoming updated theme pack with the fix for threaded comments and what else they might have put in there :slight_frown:

    BUT I see no easy way out of this :slight_frown:

  • drmike

    Of all the things Matt and crew go after with theme designers, it's a shame that this isn't one of them. (Using setting options that is when set by the blog admin.) Many of the themes over at are the same way.

    When I add a theme to any platform we support, that's one of the things we look at if the software supports that option. Some do. Some don't.

    It would be nice to see this fixed.

  • James Farmer

    Yep, we're looking into getting all these things cleaned up by a professional for the next release so that they are fully internationalized, fully consistent (i.e. comments on pages) and incorporate 2.7 comment elements.

    However, it's gonna take some time so please bear with us. I;d estimate a coupla months for a full release.

    But... we will make it so that you can essentially just overwrite your existing themes with the new ones, so we hope it'll be worth it!

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