translation not working in wordpress ms

Hi i have a wpmu setup with buddypress. I have the danish translation files



and also


The string in specific is “Site name must be at least 4 characters.” Which is not shown in danish. I have checked the string actually is in the translation files:

root@vserver:disappointed:var/www/ grep -R “Site name must be at least 4 characters” *

Binary file matches

ms-da_DK.po:msgid “Site name must be at least 4 characters”

So i try to recompile the mo file with this:

root@vserver:disappointed:var/www/ msgfmt -o ms-da_DK.po


But on the i still get this error in english when the sitename is shorter than 4 characters and NOT the danish translation.

I have this defined in my wp-config.php

define(‘WPLANG’, ‘da_DK’:wink:;

I have confirmed with phpinfo() that gettext is enabled.

Any suggestions ?