Translation of Analytics+ And a Feature Request

Hi there,

Yesterday I tried to translate Analytics+ plugin for users in my country. However I have a problem with titles of a few elements which, in my opinion, are very imprecise.

Visitors box.
1. Does by "pageviews" you mean "total pageviews" or "unique pageviews" (e.g. when one user views a certain page twice during one session, it's recorded as one pageview).
2. Visits. Did you mean sessions, here? What happens when one visitor visits a site 5 times? Will this show 5 visits (sessions) or 1?
3. Pages/Visit - this is the combination of the two above. What kind of pageviews and visits do you mean?

Content Box:
1. Again. What do you mean by "Visits" in relation to pages that are listed here? I'm guessing it's the number of unique pageviews, right?
2. What do you mean by "Unique"? Unique what? Unique visitors? If so, than why in my systems some pages are listed as having X visits but 0 unique? I'm totally clueless what it is and how to translate it.
3. What do you mean by "Views"? I'm guessing it's the number of total pageviews, right?

Referrers box:
1. I have no data here so I'm guessing what it can be. Did you mean:
A: Top Keywords and Keyphrases
B: Top Searches using the internal Wordpress Search
C: Something else
2. What do you mean by "Visits" in this box? Is it a total or unique number of sessions that originated from the source?

One more thing. I believe it would be great help if there were "?" sings with info popup boxes next to labels explaining what they mean. Please, push this forward to developers as a feature request.

Thank you,