Translation of Category page [Daily theme]

On the category page there are some texts which didn't translate trough the .po files.
It's the "No Comments" and "by" words.

I've managed to translate many of these for the homepage and posts in the php files..

but I can't find these of the category page.

Where can I adjust these?

  • Tammie

    @Stef1978: I just reparsed the mo and po files and updated those to the theme but those strings were being picked up. Did you move the mo and po files to the child theme if you are linking to the child ones as that has to be done. Perhaps don't move to the child theme and use with the function that is already there:

    // load text domain

    // Uncomment this to test your localization, make sure to enter the right language code.

    //function test_localization( $locale ) {
    //return "my_MY";

    if( function_exists( 'load_theme_textdomain' ) ) {
    load_theme_textdomain('bp-daily', DEVLIB . '/languages/');

    You can investigate more about load_theme_textdomain in the wordpress codex. There is no real need at all to have the language files in the child and parent I'd just have them in the parent if I was you.