Translation of Studio Theme is missing some options

I can't enter Translations for the following parts:
- Design / Theme-Options / Scripts: "List latest posts
List blog posts on the homepage after slider position."
- on the Site itself after the excerpts "More Info>>"

The Translation Menu tells me that I have translated 100%, but these two Parts are missing. The first one isn't that problematic since it only appears in the Backend, but the second one is displayed in the Frontend and should be "Weiterlesen >>".

One general Thing about the Translations: We need two Options for German - one for "Du" and one for "Sie". In English both translate as "You" but here it is a difference if I want to address a friend (Du) or a Stranger / polite form of addressing higher Ups (Sie).

This is very important to make a difference - if the Site is made for friends or it is a business Blog.
You can't use "Du" in Business Blogs. But "Sie" would be very uncommon between younger People or Family.

Yours, Peter.