Translations in .pot files cause errors on appointments+ module backoffice

we have translated A+ to french using the .pot file and POedit. However, when we encountered several issues when we uploaded the file.
1. We cannot translate some sentences in POEdit. When we try to save file, it returns the following error: "A format specification for argument 1 doesn't exist in msgstr"
2. Some sentences are missing in .pot file. For example, in parameters menu >> General >> basetime. Would they be added in your next release?
3. When we upload the pot file and activate easy mode, there is some css parameters diplaying below the left menu.
4. When we upload the .pot file, custom colorset is disabled. So we cannot choose custom colors for free, busy or impossible time. Nothing happens when clicking on the color picker placeholder.
5. Have you got any idea when you'll launch the next release and will be within that release?

Thank you for your help,