Trial functionality and conflict

There is a trial functionality in the Pro Sites plugin. It shows a message that you have to pay or after N days your site will be closed/deleted.
But I am using WHMCS and have special trial addon there which does all the same except the message in WP admin panel (what Pro Sites does).
So I would like to set both systems at the same period - say 7 days - to get both features: Pro Sites shows the message to inform the client and WHMCS addon close/delete the site for non paying.

If I use them both - will there be any conflict when Pro Sites and WHMCS try to close/delete the site or not?
(may by when WHMCS MU Provisioning is using - Pro Sites only show the message and don't try to close/delete the site after trial finishes?)

So I am afraid of the possibility of the conflict and would like the plugin developer answer me using his knowledge and experience :slight_smile:
P.S.- I know I can use notification emails, but I also would like to show the message in WP admin panel.