Trial Membership not taking payment details


I'm trying to setup a simple payment system to unlock access to the website photo gallery.

As you can see in the screenshots, the 1 Year membership is $25 with a 3 Month Free Trial. Once the user selects the membership is says the 'Total is Free' instead of $25, and 'You will pay 0.00 each year.

It should say something like, the 3 month trial period is free, then you will be charge $25 each year.

The once the user clicks the Signup button, it takes them to the Registration Complete page and gives them full access to the website instead of taking them to PayPal to collect their payment details so we can charge them at the end of the trial period.

Without the trial period activated the user is directed to Paypal correctly.

I've tried every variation of this setup I can think of the the result is the same.

Please help. Thank you.