Tricky question- using affiliate plug in & membership plug in

I'm trying to create a "team site" for myself and fellow affiliates of a certain affiliate business as well as our customers. My hope is that giving them an easy membership site which allows them all to interact and promote, it will increase product sales and the size of my team overall.

The dilemma: Each member (and customer) of my team already has a member ID number for the company we are part of. I'm wondering if it's possible to switch out the ID that is created by the affiliate plugin and replace it with the ID that we each already have through this company?

Additionally, I'd like to create a shortcode for that company given ID # that would carry over through any and all product links referenced on the pages of the blog when that particular person introduces someone to our site.

So, for example, right now, my ref ID number put out by the affiliate plugin is something like: cinderella-63. I want to replace cinderella-63 with 13542567 (say that was my ID from this business I'm an affiliate of).

Then, I want to create a shortcode that can be used to call that ref ID- something like [affidno] and ensure that when is visited, all links within the membership blog carry over that ref number in them (for example-

Any idea how I could do this? Or is there an easier way?

I'd also like to make sure I have a "catchall" id attached in case there is no referring party.