Triden Custom Header Image Cropping

After a week of banging my head against the wall, I am now able to get the Custom Header function to work, correctly as far as I can tell. Howsomever, I have a question regarding its functionality. Here goeth ...

It appears to me that the crop function works on a specific aspect ratio, within the limits of the image that is to be cropped. Whatever limit is reached, whether it is the height or the width of the uploaded image, that is where the crop stop. (Okay, that was supposed to be a pun. It should have said "stops," but I couldn't resist myself.)

That seems reasonable.

However, the instructions on the Custom Header page say "Images of exactly 960 x 150 pixels will be used as-is." But when I put an image of the size specified, a significant portion is cropped. If I reduce the width of the image, them I lose a portion of the image height and the right side of the image is still cut when displayed. The only way I have been able to solve the problem is to leave a significant portion of empty space on the right side of my custom header.

My guess is that having to do that will frustrate my bloggers.

So, what is happening, and is there anything I can to to make the image resize to fit the allocated space?


  • Sue

    Hi Kirk, I'm probably using an older version of Triden but I don't think there would have been changes to the custom image header dimensions. Can I get you to try 936 X 147 pixels to see if that image size works without it needing any cropping?

    Regarding bloggers getting frustrated. I don't think you will find that to be the case. I deal with all Edublogs users issues and can't think of one muttering about cropping and image headers. Generally their frustrations will be web browser cache storing old images of headers and avatars so they not realizing they need to clear cache to see new image.

    Or my absolute favorite one that drives them totally crazy. Wrapping text next to images and aligning images in blog posts. Themes often have a preferred alignment either left or right. I can't tell you how many emails I've had to deal with users being frustrated trying to align images left when their theme wants to align right.

    You may find help information on custom image headers helpful for your users -

    And this series on using images is also helpful -

    PS always happy to discuss the things that can really frustrate your bloggers.

  • Sue

    Hi Kirk, how the dimensions of the crop area work is a question for Richie and Tammie (as they are theme designers).

    In terms of how I was able to work it out. Sue's handy bag of tricks (It helps to have different handy tricks when trouble shooting problems for users). All I did was take a screenshot of the header image when it was in cropping mode and then checked the dimensions of the crop area (using SnagIT).

    But we have over 400,000+ users on (and not sure how many more on Edublogs Campus sites) and don't get emails/forums posts on cropping image headers frustrating them.

    While things like image alignment in posts, why don't comments display on pages of my theme, why am I getting an error message when uploading my file to a post, I signed up for a blog and I haven't received my email, I reset my password and I haven't received my new password (note: filters on email accounts drive me insane) are aspects that cause frustration. Oh and my pet favorite is evil Internet Explorer causing problems :slight_frown:

    Off course now I know the secret of why my husband married me :slight_smile:

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