Triden: What is the newest version?

Hi, I wonder if I should / can update my Triden 2.2.2 theme: On a WP Multisite installation as network admin in the themes list the triden 2.2.2 theme is listed and has a new version note saying

“There is a new version of WPMU Triden (2.2.2) available on WPMU DEV. View version 2.2.6 details or automatically update.”

But when I click on “2.2.6 details” it shows the details of the WPMU Nelo theme.

When I try to download the newest Triden version from it is version 2.2.5

Moreover: On the same page about Triden – when I click on “older versions” ( this leads to a “not found” page.

Since you changed the layout for I cannot upload a screenshot (which would have been easier than explaining everything in words) …