Trouble accessing correct sign up form with pro site plugin

Hi, hope you are doing well today. I have looked in forums and don't see the answer to my question.

I set up pro site a few years ago, on a multisite with buddypress. I made a few changes 6 mos ago and was just reviewing everything. The changes I made are that I no longer include the pro site sign up details upon registration for a free site. I want to be able to send the pro site sign up details separately and in a personalized process.

So, basically I just have a free membership that I do want them to sign up for.

I have been using the /register page for this. I notice now that it goes to the wp-login.php page now instead of the great registration page I had before. You can still reach that page if you hit "register" from the wp-login page.

Go to the site and click to sign up, then click the register link.

The page that shows up after clicking the register link is what I want to show up when you click the first one, which although it is:, actually ends up being the wp-admin.php page.

How do I get it to go directly to the cool looking registration link page? What did I screw up when I made the changes? Thanks in advance for your help! Linda @iempoweru

I have enabled access