Trouble accessing courses in CoursePress

Hey Guys,
I have done some work since the last time you responded. My site address is now I figured that if I could get the site off of my main site then I could do more troubleshooting to figure out what is going on.

I went and rebuilt the course that I am testing and it is still not working on my new subdomain. I encourage you to do a test and see what you think. My course is set for FREE right now so you can sign up for a course and try it out. When I sign up and create a U and P it all works. Then I go to START LEARNING and I am redirected to my hello-world sample blog post. Which I deleted so it gives a 404.

My permalinks look good and I am using a CoursePress theme so that shouldn't be an issue. Please advise as I am on a deadline with this and stuck with this current error. I went through and did all the steps you have already run through with no positive results.

I also had this question from my last question: Also about 30 min after I had checked that box in General Settings to let anyone register for my site. I had a spam registration, it only took 30 mins for them to find that! And then of course that person had all the access that I mentioned above. So I deleted the Spam user account and unchecked the box for the time being. That is why the course is set back to Manual. Have you heard of this issue and how do I go about fixing it??? I don't want to have to deal with a bunch of spam Users in my WP.