Trouble converting old WP Site to WPMS

I installed WPMS on an old WP Site. The site was up to date 3.5.1.

I try to force it to do subdirectories the first time, but the result was to buggy so I removed the tables for the sites created.

I got rid of the columns added to wp_users: wp_users DROP spam, DROP deleted;

I dropped the WPMS specific tables:







There was no:


So that did not need to be dropped.

I changed the name of the .htaccess file and created a new one. I put the default WP rules in the new .htaccess file.

I removed the related Multisite text from wp-config.

Then I reinstalled the WPMS from scratch. Properly, with Plugins off etc.

Everything seemed to go well but when I create a new site neither the site or the dashboard can be found. It shows up under “My Sites”, but if you try and go to the Dashboard it takes you to the mainsite’s Dashboard, and if you try to go to go to “Visit Site” it takes you to the main site. If you try to type in the subdomain manually and go to the site or Dashboard you get a “can’t find server” message.

I have gone through this process several times with the same result.

I would greatly appreciate help on this.