Trouble formatting images of products and descriptions

Just became an WPMU member and purchased MarketPress. I have 2 test products set up but its not formatting correctly, looks very jumbled on the page. Could you check:

Also, why does it say “choose Option”? I would think a user can click on a product to see more and then see if there are product variations. Is that all choose option means? Can I remove it. I don’t think it will be clear to customers.

Also, the shopping cart widget sticks out beyond the widget width. See screen shot.

The only thing I did to set these up was “Add New Product”, added a brief description on the page, then added the image I wanted as the “Featured Image”. Should I instead just insert the image on the page and skip the “Featured image” part? Is that why its screwed up? I have about 100 of these to set up.