Trouble getting query to work in google maps

I am having a little trouble getting this query to work.

[map query=”all” zoom=”4″ center=”39, 98″ overlay=”true” show_markers=”false” show_images=”false” width=”100%” height=”550px”]

I have scanned the plugin code a bit and tried to add some other query info. It does not appear to work. Are these not changeable in the shortcode? Specifically the zoom and center. I am trying to get a “all” map to show all posts at a specific zoom level centered around a specific area. Basically I am just trying to get the map to center on the US and show all my maps. The default center appears to be hardcoded to NYC?

I am using gravity forms. The field type address seems to not be supported. I have to use a text field named address? Is this correct? Gravity forms includes an address field that separates out the pieces of an address into street, city, state, zip. Then you can parse them more simply.

Is there a shortcode to get the mousewheelzoom to toggle?