Trouble getting set up with dashboard and google analytics +

I'm sorry I'm going to have to vent a little here because I am beyond frustrated with wordpress in the first place and then I purchased this deal for the purpose of hopefully having a simpler time by having a premium product. The constant offers and advertisements are incredibly aggravating, especially when I have seen 0 value from this so far. I will be sure to cancel as soon as I have what I need.

First off, the instructions on how to get the dashboard downloaded are really not that clear. If I click to download, it goes into some WinRAR program that I don't believe I own. So I really have no idea how to get this out from whatever form it is in and onto wordpress. I wish I could just search for it on wordpress and have an access code to get it from there or something.

Really I have the same exact problem with getting Google Analytics +. I paid for something but the step that I'm confused only tells me what I could have figured out myself (click download.)

Please help and recognize that I am not some webmaster, I need to see exactly what I need to click, step by step.

To add to my frustration I accidentally posted this in the community. Hopefully this one actually goes to a support person.