Trouble giving WPMU support access + formatting bar gone from Wordpress

Two issues that have compiled into one problem.

I first noticed about two weeks ago that the formatting bar in wordpress had essentially disappeared from wordpress essentially making any changes needed to the site, blog, etc unavailable. (You'll see what I'm seeing now in the first screenshot).

In trying to fix it, I deleted a majority of the plugins assuming that there was a recent update that was impacting the formatting bar because of coding etc. No luck.

So, I turned to WPMU for help and in trying to install the dashboard and turn on support so you all could gain access, I am not getting the sidebar shown in on the login page ( I've attached a screenshot to show this issue.

So there's two questions:
1) how can I fix the WPMU dashboard so I can give you access, and
2) how can I get the formatting bar back.

I've used wordpress sites for years and have built my own, but this is way beyond even my rather basic technical skills. I'm not a coder by trade, so my knowledge is very much based on the forums, etc.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Linsey,

    Happy to help out here!

    The dashboard plugin you have there doesn't look like it's ours. Your account doesn't indicate our dashboard being installed either.

    You can download it here:

    Once you download the .zip file then you can upload it via:

    Plugins > Add new > Upload.

    Once you have it activated it will prompt you to login to your WPMU DEV account through your WordPress Dashboard.

    If the above isn't working out for you then you can just send in wp-admin credentials instead, then I can get the dashboard installed and setup for you.

    You can send that privately through our contact form:

    Select "I have a different question" for your topic - this and the subject line ensure that it gets assigned to me.

    Send in:

    Subject: "Attn: Tyler Postle"
    -WordPress admin username
    -WordPress admin password
    -login url
    -link back to this thread for reference
    -any other relevant urls

    Once I'm logged in then I'll check your format tools issue too :slight_smile:

    Look forward to hearing back!


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