Trouble Integrating MarketPress with CoursePress

I am having trouble integrating MarketPress and CoursePress, specifically related to the shopping cart and templates. I have downloaded and read the "Themeing MarketPress" readme file and I have watched the YouTube videos.

My store is going to offer online courses (video training) and manuals (digital products for download). I have installed MarketPress and CoursePress and gotten them set up on a local server.

#1: The shopping cart does not show up in the sidebar when a course has been purchased (see screenshot #1).

#2: Related to #1, there is no sidebar on the product page to show the shopping cart. When I click on the Add to Cart button I still don't see the shopping cart and no link shows me how to checkout. The good news is that the items do get added to the cart. (See screenshot #2 and #3)

So, the burning question is how do I present the courses and products so that the shopping cart will show up in the sidebar as shown in the video tutorials.