Trouble migrating the multisite to a new domain.

I am trying to move a multisite install to a new server and a new domain. I used a snapshot for that and then ran through the manual changes in htaccess, wp-config and in the db. I got that approach to work fine somewhen in the past. But now all I get is too many redirects error.

Which I seem to remember vanished the last time once I was done replacing the URLs in the DB

I used snapshot-installer to move the site and then followed this: After restore the multisite to a new domain with snapshot-installer.php you have to make some changes in the database, since snapshot was not designed for migration it doesn’t take care of them. Here’s the steps:

1: Change the DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE, PATH_CURRENT_SITE, so it suit to new domain in wp-config.php

2: Change the RewriteBase in .htaccess or any domain related configuration.

3: Change “site url” and “home url” from wp_options table

4: Change the domain column to new domain in wp_blogs table in all rows.

Which worked for me before, that still leaves a few more places to change the domain in the DB but the site is loading after that but not this time. Please check and help.