Trouble Protecting Content with URL Groups

I am having trouble getting any of the content protection outside of page protection to work for my site. I have Tried all setting combinations I can think of but to no effect.

Media / Download

I have tried all combination for these settings. Basic protection / Complete protection / Hybrid protection all enabled at various times. But oddly enough, all enabling this feature does is cause some of my page headers and images on pages which should be accessible by Members of any of my Tiered Membership Levels to display the default {No Access} image. See Screen Cap.

URL Groups

I had not tried the URL Groups until the most recent update of the plugin as it seemed to be of no effect. But since then I have tried all of the URL groups setting combinations I can think of as well. Including * and (.*) after the with Regular Expressions and Strip query strings in the URL both enabled and disabled. When I 'Test the URL Group' by entering the complete download link to a file [i.e.] the test returns a VAILD for the appropriate URL [i.e. with either * or (.*) at the end]. But I can still access the URL directly in all situations either as a Visitor or at a Membership level that should not have access to it. This was not the case with the 'Membership' plugin I had installed previously which worked perfectly for all URL groups and blocked completely access attempt when logged in as a lower level membership or not logged in at all as a visitor.

I have also wondered did the Membership plugin remove all data tables such as those beginning with "wp_m_..." from my database when it was un-installed and if not could this cause a conflict with Protected Content? I say this because the "wp_m_urlgroups" tables have the old URL groups in them but I see no tables with Protected Content data.

I have granted Support Access on my site. Please respond as soon as possible I have been trying to make the transition to Protected Content for almost a month now.

Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter,