Trouble With Customers Downloading Product Using TRACKING URL and Download Link

I have two products that I sell on Market Press that are 260MB.

More specifically, each product is zipped folder that contains audio tracks that make up an Audiobook, a pdf file, and a notepad document.

After doing everything possible to increase my upload limit through the Media Uploader so I can upload these files, I've still been getting HTML error messages during the upload.

So I had no choice but to upload each product manually to the upload folder using an FTP client and then use the plugin "Add From Server" to make the files show up in the Media Library.

I have had no problems copying and pasting the file URL to the Product Download URL in the product edit pages

THE PROBLEM IS that when customers buy one of these products, the 260MB zipped folder, the TRACKING URL link is not hyperlinked and they can't click on it. Even if they copy and paste the url, it downloads a blank folder or gives them an error message.

Also, the "download" link causes a blank folder to be downloaded to their computer.

I have checked the files I uploaded to the server and they are not empty so I'm baffled.

As a result, each customer gets frustrated and I have to email each customer the direct URL file to the product. This makes it possible for them to download what they paid for but this also makes it possible for them to download my product an unlimited amount of times if they want, which is bad for business.

What are our options on fixing this? I've been fighting this problem for weeks. I even upgraded to a more expensive VPS server but nothing has worked so far.

Thanks for your time,

- Marc Summers