Trouble with domain mapping

I've just installed and configured the Domain Mapping plugin. It's not working. The best clue I have at this point is a message I'm seeing in admin.

In the column "DNS Configuration" it says the Hostname, then it says

Record Type: CNAME
Value: IP not set by admin yet..

First of all, the hostname is not a CNAME, it's an A record. I've verified that with my IT admin, and with MX Toolbox. In fact, so is the domain I'm trying to map. So what exactly is this referring to?

Secondly, the "IP not set by admin yet" -- does that mean me, the superadmin, or the admin of the site?

I'm opening support access if you wish to take a look.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello kalico,

    If you are mapping subdomain to subsite you don't use A record - A record is used only for Top Level Domains and dedicated IP on server.
    When you map to you will use CNAME as shown here: under A Record & CNAME

    You would need to change that in your domain DNS settings and mapping should start to work.

    kind regards,

  • kalico

    Ah, that sheds some light. Thanks Kasia Swiderska

    What I'm actually trying to do here was mainly for testing purposes.

    We are combining several sites (all with separate domains) into one multisite, with only two domains. For backward compatibility, we need to also point those old domains at various parts of the new site.

    Since we don't have any spare domains to test with, I set up a few subdomains with A records to give this whole mapping thing a shot.

    But based on what you're saying, I guess I can't really test this? It sounds like the plugin actually has limitations of its own, preventing me from using a subdomain as a primary domain, just *because* it's a subdomain, not based on whether it is actually a CNAME or A record in DNS.

    Does that sound accurate?

  • Nithin

    Hey kalico,

    Hope you are doing good today. :slight_smile:

    A record is used to point to the logical domain ie the IP address of your server. And there isn't any separate IPs, when you enter, or, what distinguishes between the subsites are the CNAMEs

    CNAMEs has it's own restrictions, and this isn't a limitation in the plugin, but this would be how CNAME would work, that's CNAME is used to point a subdomain to another domain name, and CNAME must always point to a domain name, and not directly to an IP address.

    The plugin follows these principal when it comes to mapping ie A record for TLDs, and CNAMEs if you want to map sub domains. You can of course make it work with CNAME, as mentioned in the product usage page:

    Didn't setting up CNAME work for you? Or do you still have issues with setting up CNAMEs? Please do advise, so that we could help get you sorted. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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