Trouble with Free Membership Registration/Subscription

I am testing membership registration. I have a free and paid subscription model on my site. It seems that when a user subscribes (Free Membership), it does not add them to the Subscription or the Membership Level. They do not have access to the content they are supposed to nor do the menu options change accordingly. When I log in as Admin, go to Membership - Edit Members and scroll down, the test users' fields for Name, Subscription and Membership Level are blank instead of filled in appropriately. I have tried a combination of gateways between Free Memberships, PayPal Express (Subscriptions) and PayPal Express (Solo) and can't quite figure out the issue. I have also double-checked my Subscriptions and Levels (only Visitor, Member, Paid Member) just in case. I'm not sure what else to try and am hoping you guys may have some insight so I can get this up and running.