Trouble with the STUDIO theme and manual

I appreciate the assistance given earlier. The two people who wrote in gave me good information. Thanks.

Yes, I did find the user manual in the library for STUDIO. However, it tends to say "here is what you can do" rather than saying "here is how to do" and further the text itself is difficult to read because the writing has not been edited correctly. I am not skilled in HTML5, but have designed and published other websites. Now I am trying to design a front page for STUDIO using the models given. I populated my site by adding images and pages. I went to the theme options section and selected all the options I wanted and saved them all. I designated images from my library. I designated the Sample_Page to be the static page that would be the front page. Then I edited the Sample_Page.

I selected, in turn, each of the available templates and updated the page. None of them show the header image or the other six text blocks and images. I cannot get it to work.

Can someone explain what I am failing to do? Thanks.