Trouble WP Super Cache on a Bitnami WPMU Amazon Stack

Hey guys! I've been chasing my tail for about 3 hours now. :p

I trying to set up a clean WPMU config using the Bitnami Wordpress Multisite stack, APC Object Cache, wp super cache, and your domain mapping plugin. I want to use the WPMUdev Domain Mapping plugin because I'm looking for the Prosites compatibility.

I've had it apparently running and then after I've trying to make some changes to the site is goes white on me.. But, I've ran into a number of weird errors and white screens and I'm not going to explain them all. I was just hoping I could get a quick theoretical 1,2,3 hypothetical setup sequences..


  • thorstone137

    When my site goes white, I manually remove all other active plugin files except super cache files and I still get the white screen of death. But, if I immediately remove the super cache files I get the site back with zero errors.

    That being siad, i'm not totally convinve its strictly a super cache error as much as maybe the sequence in which I'm configuring the setup.

    Do I install DM first?

    What style of Super cache caching do I activate (Mod rewrite?, PHP, Legacy?)

    What if I've been trying to use Mod rewrite, do I have to clear super cache DB tables before trying another style of caching?

    At what point do I put in the APC object cache PHP file?

    Thanks guys!

  • aecnu

    Greetings thorstone137,

    I know this may sound like a funky question but why are you using cache at all?

    Perhaps hundreds if not thousands of users?

    Or possibly hundreds if not thousands of blogs/sites?

    What about the hosting, does it not scream without caching?

    What style of Super cache caching do I activate (Mod rewrite?, PHP, Legacy?)

    This totally is dependent upon your hosting configuration and the plugin does tell that mod_rewrite is indeed the fastest, but can your hosting deal with it?

    At what point do I put in the APC object cache PHP file?

    Running more then one cache of any type is asking for trouble. It is similar to running two anti-virus programs or two firewalls in which they no doubt cause anomalies if not serious problems too.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • digitsoft

    @thorstone137 - everything that Joe posted is spot on.

    If you're using shared hosting and have or expect to have tons of users or blogs, stop now and either get a beefy VPS ($50-90/mo) or dedicated server ($130+/mo). By giving apache and mysql more room to breathe, you'll see immediate gains. Plus - you can optimize WP, mysql, and php with the extra mem.

    I 2nd the motion to avoid cache unless absolutely necessary...

  • aecnu

    Greetings thorstone137,

    Yes sir I only see cache and CDN's are for those whom cannot afford the beef, but at the same time in the end the pain, suffering, and cost in many cases will come out to be more then doing it right to begin with.

    @Rob what do you think of these plans they are from my corp. the shared are opened up to the full power of the processors X2 Xeon Quads and 8 GB RAM .... no throttling. PHP mem setting 512MB and 240 execution time.

    Thank you both for being WPMU Dev Members!

    Cheers, Joe

  • digitsoft

    @joe - opening the shared accounts is cool...and also scares me - opens the door to some bad things.

    Pricing is about what I'd expect - at first I thought the shared was higher than normal, but after what you said your shared is very good. I have a dedicated box for my 400+ sites $190/mo (quad core 3.2 sandy, 8gb, dual 500gb SAS raid1, 10tb bw, cpanel/whm) - been with them for a few years and they're amazing on all fronts.

    1. I think you're leaving money on the table with the dedicated - you should add upgrades like: cpanel/whm, dual drives, raid, backups, etc..,.

    2. Add an 800# and live chat for sales & support

    I have more if you want them...

  • aecnu

    Greetings Rob,

    Actually I have a 1-800 number and I just added dedicated IP add-on the other day.

    I guess concerning CPanel/WHM the client would purchase the license themselves though we would install it for free.

    This is actually my new site that has not been completely filled out yet.

    The old one is much more documented so to speak but not nearly aggressive with price and older products

    Unfortunately my duties here at WPMU Dev have not given me much time to do more then an hour or so a day on my own adventures, and though I have 178 clients at this moment, I usually get under a phone call a day because I keep my servers running clean and sharp.

    I need to catch up with design, add the CPanel option I guess and then get back to you once I have finished filling in the content etc.

    So I will get back to you on your recommendations once I have things more filled out so to speak.

    Thank you for the feedback Rob, it is greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Joe

  • digitsoft

    I'm actually a marketer who knows how to code and a few other cool things, so let's catch up sometime. I'd give you a method to contact me, but not gonna post it publicly.

    As to you saying "I only have X # of hours...." - hire people. Use to find admins, designers, etc..,, or for a logo, and then you're set. Your best use of time is managing a few people to enable your vision with the hosting...

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