Troubles with Membership Plugin and Registration

Hi there,

I have searched the forums for this issue but can't find anything.

Just a little background on our project:

We are trying to build an online course system using a regular Wordpress install (not multi-site). We are using the Edublogs theme and are hoping to use the Membership plugin to handle registration and access control.

The idea is that there is a public front-end, then the user will sign up and register for one of several online courses. Important note: all courses are free. The courses are just a collection of pages/forums that users get access to via Membership.

We don't require buddypress functionality at this stage.

It seems that this theme and the membership plugin should have all the functionality that we need, but I am running into a bunch of problems. I'll just post the first and biggest here to keep things simple, then move on to the next once this is resolved.

So, problem the first: it seems that Membership is not fully taking over the registration functionality from Wordpress as it should.

For example, although I have turned off the regular wordpress registration in the Settings > General panel, the "Join here" and "Create a new account" links that appear on the Edublogs homepage (see screenshots) still link to the default "/register" URL instead of to the registration page specified in the Membership settings.

This means that people get a message about registration being disabled instead of seeing the actual registration page as intended.

I put a link to the actual registration page in the main nav and that does correctly take people to the registration form. I just don't know how to get the "built-in" registration links that are part of the Educblogs theme to get wise to the registration functionality of Membership.

Thank you in advance for the help!