Troubleshooting javascript issues

This isn't specific to a wpmu plugin, but I'm not getting much luck in the .org forums so I thought I might try here.

I'm seeing two different errors related to javascript functionality. The first is in the dashboard of a subdomain blog on my MS install, firebug throws an error saying:

"NetworkError: 404 Not Found -"

Because it's a multisite install, that filepath will never exist because wp-content lives at the root: I can't figure out how to find out what plugin is searching for the js folder in the incorrect location.

The second, perhaps related issue, is when using the Anthologize plugin (not yours) and attempting to drag and drop an item (something that works fine in the Custom Menu space, and seems to share the same style of functionality) I get a "d.ui.ddmanager.dragStart is not a function" error about 26 times.

I've tried deactivating the plugin, but the initial issue still exists, which leads me to believe it's not this plugin, but another one that is messing up where the site is looking for the js directory.

Do I need to deactivate everything and go through that whole thing, or is there a better way to debug this that I'm not aware of.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer.

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    because it's a multisite install, that filepath will never exist because wp-content lives at the root:

    I agree that it may be confusing, but in a correctly installed Multisite, Wordpress should care for the redirects. In other words, http://subdomain.domain should be redirected to http://domain. So you should not have such a 404 problem.

    There are 3 possibilities that I can think of at the moment:
    1. The file actually does not exists. That looks like a plugin called "inc", but it doesn't seem to be a normal plugin name. I believe, there is a plugin directory name is missing before /inc.
    2. Plugin calling this file is not compatible with WP Multisite or has some bugs. Then obviously you cannot use it. This explains why you get such a file url instead of
    3. There is a problem with your Multisite installation.

    The second one clearly indicates a jQuery problem. Please check if:
    1. jQuery version is current (V1.7.2)
    2. jQuery called once or several times
    3. there are incompatible jQuery codes in your theme, e.g. using $ directly, without being wrapped:

    If you can provide links, I can give better assistance.


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    First of all address redirects me to the login page. So I couldn't check the main website. You can send me an admin account using our contact form:

    I had a look at the other websites and noticed that you are using Wordpress 3.3.1. I recommend it upgrading to V3.4.1, but this may not be the source of the problem.

    jQuery version can be seen looking at the html source and searching for "jquery". For example, this website uses V1.7.1 and there is no duplicate jQuery call issue:

    What I mainly suspect is one or some of the plugins you are using is not compatible with Buddypress. Did you already check that your plugins are compatible with Buddypress? To check this, please deactivate Buddypress and try again.

    BP is using a global variable ajaxurl which may conflict with other Wordpress plugins. They said they will fix this in BP V1.6, but we cannot be sure about it until it is officially released (I don't recommend using BP V1.6 Beta).


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