Blogs MU: Trying remove the sub intro text under the featured block

I am having a very hard time trying to remove the default text from the featured block in the child theme. I am aware that the file is located in blogs-mu/_inc/functions/options-functions.php.

I have remove the content that was located in the file at line 364. Below is what it now looks like

"name" => __("Your Network sub intro post text", TEMPLATE_DOMAIN),
"description" => __("you can insert post text for the sub intro on homepage", TEMPLATE_DOMAIN),
"id" => $shortname . $shortprefix . "featured_sub_intro_post",
"inblock" => "homepage",
"type" => "textarea",
"std" => "",

I have copied the file and folder over to blogs-mu-chid/_inc/functions/options-functions.php. but the content still appears. Any idea what I am missing?


  • 3SixtyEvolve
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    Hi @rillc

    Greetings from the WPMU DEV Support Team and thank you for being a member of our community.

    Is it possible to provide a link to your site? I had a look at the code, but without actually seeing your site it is a bit difficult to be sure of what needs to be changed.

    Just to confirm, did you activate the Blogs MU child theme that you created?

    Look forward to receive your feedback.


  • rillc
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    Yes, it works, but it only works on the front page. The item still shows up on the other pages. I want to have the option to keep the area blank until there is a need for me to post something else in there.

    Thanks for the help, but this still doesn't address my problem.

  • PC
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    Go to Site admin >> Appearance >> Theme options >> Homepage Settings

    Scroll down to Your Network sub intro post text

    And remove whatever is there.

    Try this along with the custom code I sent above and tell me if that works for you. I tested and its working for me.


  • rillc
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    No, it does not work. It is a known problem with this theme that when one leaves the area blank, only to go back and make changes in the future on that page, the original content will automatically show up again once a user hits the save button.

  • PC
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    Yes, able to replicate. I understand what you are saying is, that if you just save the homepage settings once after removing the text. after that if we make any further changes and save it again, the default text starts to appear on the main site.

    I think it needs to be addressed by the Dev.

    @GWBB, we need you to pitch in and get a Dev on it (If we do not have a workaround of this for the time being... ) as to avoid future threads on this issue, we need to get it fixed

    Just to note : I tested this on the latest version too.. Same results


  • PC
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    @rillic : you may try the below

    Navigate here using your FTP program
    wp-content/themes/blogs-mu/lib/templates/wp-template and download sections.php onto your PC.

    And remove the below , it should be somewhere in the first 10 lines

    <div class=&quot;one-community&quot;><?php echo stripslashes($tn_blogsmu_featured_sub_intro_post); ?></div>

    This would remove the Network sub intro block off the homepage, the reason is that if we delete the text defined in theme options, It would be replaced with the default text and a block line would be displayed even if we manage to remove the text. removing these lines would remove the whole block.

    This should not impact the site performance as its just the sub intro we have removed here.

    Now comes the part which might be impacted after the update of this theme (which keeps on coming after every sometime as our developers work really hard. To avoid the changes from being lost we have 2 approaches

    1 : Set the permissions for sections.php to 444 (Read Only) so as to avoid it being overwritten in any future updates


    2: If you do not want to make changes to sections.php in the parent theme, create a duplicat file directory to sections.php and put the change in a sections.php file in the child folder. This would work and you would not have to make your sections.php file read only with an exception that you might still need to update that file when the new update changes it as that could result in errors or missing some new/fixed functionality.

    So, either you can use the first option or the second.

    Please check and advise. I am sure that will help


    I research and try my best so that my responses are helpful. Appreciate a + if it is. If it's not, please let me know so that I study more before I write my exams here :slight_smile:.

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