Trying to add password strength to signup form

In trying to add wordpress’ built-in password strengh meter, I found this article at Tuts+–wp-34736

It appears to be a very good way to go about forcing users to create strong passwords, if only I could get it to work. I’m using the Set Password on Sign-up plugin, so hoping I can get some help from you good folks. :slight_smile:

I have added

wp_enqueue_script( 'password-strength-meter' );

to the functions.php file of my theme, and

<span id="password-strength"></span></code>

just beneath the password fields in signup-password.php, but I’m confused about how and/or where to add the actual script. provided in the article.

By the way, I’m also open to any other suggestions. The method in the Tuts+ article just seems like the best option I’ve seen so far.