Trying to assign default avatars for users and groups on new signups

I am posting under plugins section because I think that the reason this is not working is because now I am using membership plugin whereas before it was working but I stand corrected.

Here is my question

Is there a way I can automatically assign my own default avatar when a new user sign up on my site?
Also I will like to have my own default avatar assigned for new group creation. I could not find a plugin for this but I guess it's votes that counts.

My users are not liking the default avatars that are assigned by the system when they sign up for a new account and why I am hoping I can solve this problem for them. They can of course upload their own later but since they are slow in learning how to get this done, they will have to live with the ones they see until they are able to learn how to upload their own. I am really trying to avoid this from happening from the start and make them happy. Just trying to keep their business.

My google searches did not help.

I am using
WordpressMU 3.0.1
Membership Plugin
The three musketeers I think that need to cooperate and make this work.

I am attaching my function file that made this work prior to installing the membership plugin.

I know that this is not necessarily a problem associated with the plugins here but it would be great if I can make it work.

Sorry that my post got added to the function.txt file. I had to copy it there and forgot to remove it prior to attaching but the code in question is on the bottom.