Trying to build a network niche websites for restaurants


Trying to build a network niche websites for restaurants. would like to have about 20 restaurant themes that our customers (mainly restaurant owners) can choose from.

For themes, is using genesis framework/child themes good idea for this? or any other themes better for this? Basically want flexibility as well as easy to maintain/upgrade on themes...

What your thoughts?

Much Appreciate!



  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Jason,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I would say that this depends on what do you wish to achieve. If you wish to give them (your users) better control over themes on their sites you may give some "builders" themes a try. If you'd like to stick to as much "central" control and ease of update/upgrade and most compatibility, I think personally I would stick to the most "generic" themes.

    By generic I don't mean the simplest themes of course (unless you want them that way) but the themes that are strictly WordPress Codex compliant.

    That would minimize the chances that "something goes wrong" and make it all easier to troubleshoot in case it did.

    Please do not consider this as an "ultimate answer" though. It's just my personal view and I think you may want to post that question on our "Members" forum to gather some more answers from our community members based on their experience. Or I can move you thread there if you wish :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Jason!

    In that case I'd go with "standard" themes, the "simpler" (in terms of code and WP Codex compliance) the better. This would let you use/create "pre-defined" themes that customer would be able to change only in the basic area (meaning what's available via WP customizer for given theme).

    That may mean some more work at the beginning but I think it would save you a lot of "unexpected issues" in future. Furthermore, I'd suggest sticking to themes available via theme repository (or derivative themes custom developed by you in form of child-themes) instead of premium themes for big marketplaces. I'm not saying this because of the "corporate" reasons and I have absolutely nothing against such themes but I can tell from experience that while you will find a lot of poorly written themes in repository you'll find a lot of great themes there as well while in marketplaces most of them are "all in one" themes powered by various frameworks and often not fully compliant with WP Codex.

    Having that said, I hope I didn't scare you too much :slight_smile: Getting back to your initial question: there's some great and quite simple (in terms of code) themes based on Genesis so it can be as well a good way to go. It should work nice for you, I think.

    Best regards,

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