Trying to call "File URL" instead of attachment page URL

Hey Guys,

Just a general question, trying to see if anyone here can help me out though I know this is not the normal reason for this forum :wink:

So I am using a plugin called Temp Upload Image plugin which allows you to upload an image from frontend and then once its uploaded it displays the attachment URL to that file.

However, my desire is to have it display the actual File URL and not the attachment page URL. On the output of the attachment URL it calls to echo “$link”

In the plugin’s code “$link” is defined as: get_bloginfo(‘url’:wink:.”?attachment_id=”.$attach_id;

I am providng a link to the pastebin in case this doesnt come out well on forum. If anyone can help me call the File URL instead of attachment page URL that would be amazing!


Screenshot attached to see what the outcome is now with the plugin design.