trying to determine why hummingbird is rating site so low

I have support access on for Can you please tell me why hummingbird rating the score so low? I have super smush and smush original on.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @cornelius_butler!

    A 73 grade is not that bad, though it's not very good either. I checked the report and there are some things that should be improved. Let me explain :slight_smile:

    1. Image optimization

    That's the part that's affecting score the most, in my opinion. You do have Smush installed and images are optimized and that's fine. However, notice that both Hummingbird and Google PageSpeed Insights report some images with a "Compress and Resize" message.

    The important part here is the "Resize" part. This means that a given image is physically bigger than its container. Let me explain it by example:

    - there's an image on your site called "aiylc_logo.jpg"
    - this image dimensions are 1794 x 1794 pixels
    - the image is used in a couple of different locations on site
    - in each location it's displayed in a different size
    - in each case, displayed size is much smaller than 1794 x 1794 pixels; for example in a header bar (the main logo of the site) that image is displayed in a 43 x 43 pixels

    This means that in that location the 1794 x 1794 "aiylcs_logo.jpg" image had to be scaled down dynamically by the browser "on the fly". This is something that causes higher resource usage in user's browser - which means slower rendering of the site and also slows down the speed of the site at server side. Therefore, it's considered as an important factor that lowers down the score, because it significantly affects site's performance.

    If you check Hummingbird's Performance Report you will notice more images like that. To fix that, you would need to identify where these images are used on site and then manually resize them so they were no bigger than their containers; in other words, if you want to display 43x43 pixels image on site, make sure that you do have an image that is of that size and that you are using it instead of an original, huge image.

    Also, if you are using the same image file in more than one place on site and in each of these places you are using different dimensions for the image, it's better to first make appropriate number of copies of that image, resize these copies to various sizes to match those locations and use individually resized copy for each single place. I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

    2. JS/CSS optimization

    You are already using Hummingbird's cache and Asset Optimization but you are also using Divi as a theme. In that case, please try this:

    - clear Hummingbird's cache by clicking on "Clear Cache" button on "Hummingbird -> Dashboard" page
    - go to "Hummingbird -> Caching -> Page Cache" page and disable page cache there (that's temporary)
    - go to "Divi -> Theme Settings" page
    - in "General" options section find and disable this options: "Minify and Combine JavaScript", "Minify and Combine CSS files"
    - in "Builder -> Advanced" options section use "Clear" button to clear Divi's static assets cache
    - go to the "Hummingibrd -> Asset Optimization" and re-set/re-configure Asset Optimization; visit the site in another browser and wait a moment until Asset Optimization is actually performed
    - go back to "Hummingbird -> Caching -> Page Cache" and enable cache back.

    Give it a try, please, and after that run the check again. It should help.

    Best regards,

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