Trying to establish a membership site where my members are fully connected on all of my sub-sites

Hello, hope everyone day is going well.

I am trying to establish a membership site where my members are fully connected on all of my sub-sites.

Using "sub-domains", I have a few sites i want to give my members access to and have all of their accounts/capabilites are synced with my sub-sites. I hvae done the initial setup (adding sync key on all subsites).

http://ecypnetwork (Main Site) ( community site - social networking with buddypress) (Blog Site - "Share Your Thoughts")

When they register for a particular plan that gives some individuals more access to content then others using membership plugin, will this sync accordingly accross all subsites (not user created blogs).

So say i set up "group creation" for level A but not for level B ... will my subsite recognize this and act accordingly to the settings of the mainsite.

Each "sub-site" has its own set of plugins that are particular to the sub-site it is activated on.

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Thomas

    I hope you're well today!

    First of all, as you posted this in the forum for the User Synchronization plugin, I can only presume that you wanted to use that plugin on your multisite. It won't work, I'm afraid as that plugin is designed to synchronize user account data across multiple single site installs of WordPress. It will not do anything useful on a multisite. :slight_smile:

    As for your membership access questions, while both our Membership & Protected Content plugins can be network-activated, that only means that each subsite in the network can then set up their own membership rules. However, neither plugin can protect content on a different site, even though that site is in the network.

    So for your main question...

    So say i set up "group creation" for level A but not for level B ... will my subsite recognize this and act accordingly to the settings of the mainsite.

    ... the answer, unfortunately, is no it won't. At least, not currently, it won't.

    The next major release of our Protected Content plugin will include protection rules to enable you to apply them to subsites in a network install. However, we can't provide any ETA yet as feature priorities have a tendency to shift according to things like need, popularity, marketability, and the ever-important yet wholly unpredictable snafu. :slight_smile:

  • Thomas

    Thanks for the quick response and correction made.... so i have added the constant to my wp_config.

    Does this mean now on " ", which i have the coursepress pro plugin, only members with a premium plan can access/create courses.

    Im sorry, i thought if i just created the sub-sites, did the user sync ser-upit would sync all rules. some members may want a free accpount, others may elect to purchase a premium account. I only want "premium plus" accounts to have access to the course plugin or have "instructor capabilities".

    Thank you again for all your help......

  • Patrick


    I hope you're having a great day!

    I just discussed this issue with other team members and was informed that the global constant really doesn't work that well on subdomain installs, I'm afraid (I had never tested it myself).

    You would likely be much better off using our Protected Content plugin which will have proper multisite access rules & protection in the next upcoming version.

  • Ash

    Hello @Thomas

    I just want to add something here

    As you want only premium members will have access to that site, then you can simple activate the membership plugin in that subsite only. Protect the whole subsite with membership plugin, this way no free member will have access to that subsite. In this case, you won't be able to protect content from other subsite, you have to activate the plugin in that subsite too.


  • Thomas

    Hello Patrick & Ashok,

    Ummm, so no Membership Plugin or Membership with Protected Content Plugin. So lost.... Please elaborate more, or just tell me exactly what plugins to use to accomplish this. I can not use any of the beautiful upfront themes because they are not compatible with buddypress, or rather, you cannot do anything with BP virtual pages. Unfortunately, I cannot wait for an update to the upfront themes to work well with BP, which has an undetermined "ETA". So, i figured that i could just use the upfront themes and create a subsite ( for the membership site using one of the legacy themes that are made to work with BP. well, thats not working well and i am becoming very stressed with all of this. So, i had another thought "to hell with upfront" (the only two plugins i have seen that work "out of the box" in creating a social network in the last 5 years were BP and WP-Symposium), I will just use the legacy theme. login redirect doesn't work with BuddyPress(BP), so again im stuck. also setting up subsites doesn't really matter if my users and their rules are not syncing accross our subsites. sounds like another issue, however it really isn't. Basically, all my attempts to build a multisite network has failed in one way or another.
    Perhaps using buddypress isn't the answer.... is there another way i can create a "social-networking" site with out the use of BuddyPress. Tried using community combined with other wpmudev plugins to create the same kind of BP capabilities.... however it seems most of the plugins have Internal capabilities.

    I apologize if i sound a lil frustrated but my mebership is up in july and after 1 year not having a site, im gonna need to start making money soon for the next year.

    ( i don't even know if this post is even understandable..... I need a cigerette!!!)

  • Ash

    Hello @Thomas

    I hope you are well today.

    Well, when you use buddypress, all users are shared across the network. But currently our membership plugin doesn't work very well network wide. So, do you want to have membership in all subsites or you want your coursepress subsite for premium members only?

    If the later one, so activate the membership plugin in that subsite only. If this is not your case, would you please let me know the plan of your website? I mean how you want to use membership here?


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