Trying to find the full user manual for Autoblog?

Just getting started and have installed plugin - now just want to review the full user instructions but can't seem to find them. Please advise?

  • Martin

    Hi Jack, thanks for getting back to me.

    That's a shame as it would be useful to have a user resource.

    What I am looking for is step by step set up guide to give me a first run through on how the plug in works.

    Like I mentioned ( I think) in the first post, I have installed the plugin onto my version of the WP platform at URL and would like to start setting up a verity of feeds to begin populations the blog site.

    Any reading / links you can offer that can provide instruction to do this would really help.

    I have previously reviewed the link page you sent earlier and though it indicates the functionality it is not an instruction on how to ....

    Many thanks

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there Martin,

    Hope your well today, don't worry we are working on a guide :slight_smile:

    To setup your first feed and any subsequent feed on your site, Go to wp-admin > Auto Blog > All feeds.

    Click "Add new", Enter your title, this doesn't display front-end and is just for you in the admin area, to more easily keep track of your feeds :slight_smile:

    Next enter your feed URL, this is the complete feed url, this varies site to site, but for example would give the rss feed of

    Choose the post type for the posts being imported, you'll want to leave this as "post".

    Set the post status of imported posts, Published (instantly visible on your site after being imported), Pending review, or draft, pending review and draft are useful if you'd like to check or make modifications to the imported posts before they go live.

    Set the feed Author, this is who will own the posts within the feed that are imported, so you may choose yourself or another user on your site.

    Assign posts to a selected category, this is the same as other post categories on your website. All posts within the feed will be imported into that one category.

    You want to change the treat feed as tags to categories, there you can also choose to automatically create the categories if they don't exist.

    The next part on the post filtering this can basically be ignored and would only be used if you wanted to filter the posts being imported, if you do please let me know and I'd be happy to explain :slight_smile:

    Next you can choose if you'd like to use the full post or the excerpt, note even if you choose full post, the complete post must exist within the feed, as AutoBlog can only import what's in the feed like other feed readers :slight_smile:

    You can then choose if you'd like to import only the ex amount of posts, or all the most recent ones.

    Then you can set the feed to auto import, how often to check for new posts and import :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

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