trying to Finish my set up

Hi There,
I would like to try to finish my set up and then back up my site so that I can install the plugin (Hummingbird) to speed up my site by correcting the java rendering scripts.

1. How to I finish the set up
2. How do I back up my website with your service
3. How do I use humming bird
sorry for the blanket questions, i am not really a developer I just came across your service and thought it sounded good if I could make it really work. Thanks so much!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Nhu An,

    I hope you're well today and welcome to the community!

    Let me please start with question number two :slight_smile:

    2. How do I back up my website with your service

    You can schedule automatic backups using our WP Snapshot Pro plugin:

    After you install and enable the plugin on your site, please go to the "Snapshots -> Managed backup" page in your site's admin area and activate that feature. You'll be asked to provide an API key. To obtain it follow the link displayed by the plugin. Once you add and save your API key, you'll be able to set the frequency of backups. These backups will then be performed in background and stored offsite on our cloud. As a WPMU DEV member you got up to 10G of storage space for your backups right from the start :slight_smile:

    3. How do I use humming bird

    I think you may want to take a look at this usage guide here:

    If you come across any issues or questions, let me know please and I'll do my best to assist you.

    Getting back to you first question then :slight_smile:

    1. How to I finish the set up

    I'm a bit confused because I'm not sure what are you asking about. Is it that you need assistance with completing setup/configuration of your WordPress install or you do have a running website already and just need to finish "WPMU DEV setup"?

    If it's about WordPress installation, please elaborate a bit more on this, giving as many details as possible.

    However, if it's about WPMU DEV, then the final step would be to install the "WPMU DEV Dashboard" plugin. You may download it from this page:

    Here you'll find a detailed guide on how to install and use it, including a video about installation and configuration of the plugin:

    If you have any additional questions, let me know please :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Nhu An

    Thank you, I think what I mean about finishing the set up is seeing the site on my dashboard /mysites and now I see my first site.

    I activated Hummingbird, although could you please see if it was done correctly becuase my Java rendering script seems to be the same score.

    Also I was wondering once we stop the membership do the plugins stop working. Do you have a way I could pay a one time to speed up mysite and not have to pay the $50 a month? Thanks!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Nhu An!

    I checked your site and it looks like everything's setup fine.

    In order to target those "render blocking JS/CSS resources" you would want however to move as many JS and CSS files to the footer of the site as possible. That is an action that may provide significant improvement however it should be used with caution as in some cases it may break the site.

    Having said that, I would suggest doing it following way:

    1. open your site in two separate browsers: back-end being logged in as an admin in one and front-end not being logged in at all in the second one

    2. In "admin" browser
    - go to the "Hummingbird -> Minification" page and switch the "Position" switch for a single file to the "footer" position
    - save changes

    3. In "visitor" browser
    - clear browser cache
    - refresh and review the site

    4. If you see that site went broken in some way, in an "admin" browser switch the "Position" option for that file back to "Original" position; if it works fine leave it in "Footer" position

    5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the next file.

    That may take some time but it will let you safely move as many files to the footer as possible and that should help.

    You can also enable "Store my files on WPMU DEV CDN" option on "Hummingbird -> Minification" page to improve performance for visitors. That option will only work as long as you are WPMU DEV active member though.

    Also I was wondering once we stop the membership do the plugins stop working. Do you have a way I could pay a one time to speed up mysite and not have to pay the $50 a month?

    Basically, you can keep our plugins and use them even while not being an active member and most of them will work fine, except that you wouldn't have access to updates and to the 24/7/yr support. However, there are some plugins that require access to our API and that is available to the members only. Plugins such as e.g. Defender, Hummingbird, WP Smush Pro - they all need API access so a membership is recommended to keep them fully functional.

    Please note though: active membership doesn't only mean Hummingbird. It's also a lot of other plugins, our themes, managed backups stored in our cloud, an "all WordPress" support from us 24 hours a day all year round, access to internal members only forum... I think it's well worth it :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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