Trying to get csv import to show all fields in MarketPress

I am an affiliate for a supplement company they sent me a csv of their 6000+ product (which is not cheap $700 per month) so you can see why I am trying to get this working to start making money.

Here is my problem. When I import the csv it does not have the fields required to import so I changes the 2 required but I do not get anything else for the products.

I was informed my Live support to install CustomPress and add all the field names from the csv file and my products will populate that info from the import.

after spending an hour adding custom fields when I go to my products and open one of them in the admin section, I do not see anything in the list of fields towards the bottom of the page.

So I am asking is this possible and what did I do wrong or did not add to get this working for me.


Tomi G