Trying to organize a ton of categories on the edit post side

Without having to deal with any code, that is I’d like to know if anyone knows of a plugin that will allow me to make it so that main categories show up for the person editing a post, they click on a main category and subcategories appear, repeat for additional sub categories until they pick the deepest sub category. Then go back to main category and do it again – why more than one – because of the way I want posts to behave on site and with RSS subscriptions.

In a nutshell, if I have a category stucture of World>Country>Region>State>Local Region>County>City>Zip Code

And populate the list for the entire US, this will take up alot of space on the edit post dashboard page, but if I could get it to drop down somehow, it would just look better I think for people making a post. Do anyone have any ideas? So ar all I’ve found is for front-end display and I want it for in the edit-post area.