Trying to translate Directory Plugin

Hey guys, how’ve you been?

I’ve been trying to translate de Directory Plugin with Codestyling Localization Plugin, but anything happens, it keeps in english even if I create the .mo file…

What do I have to do to translate this plugin?


  • Derekmelo
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    I think I don´t…

    I´m using the Codestyling localization plugin to translate the plugin, and I added my language, translated a lot of things and when I clicked on Generate .mo file, anything were translated…

    What do I need to do to translate correctly?

  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    Note there are three different language files in Directory.. One for the default Theme,”directory” if you are using the built in theme, one for the plugin portion,”dr_text_domain”, and one for the CustomPress in the directory/core/custompress/languages, “custompress”

    And in CustomPress Content types you may need to translate the Labels for Post Types, Taxonomies and Custom fields.

  • anniebergeron
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    trying to translate in French the Directory Plugin with Codestyling Localization Plugin.

    I see wp-content/plugins/directory/core/custompress/languages/custompress-default.po



    Codestyling Localization Plugin create this :



    it keeps in english, I want it in french

    are the names of the po et mo files the problem?

    is loader-fr_FR correct?


    do I need to put the .po et mo files here : wp-content/plugins/directory/languages/

  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    There are three translation files you need to do for Directory depending on what’s installed. the dr_text_domain.po, the en_EN.po file for the Directory default theme if you are using it. and the custompress.po for CustomPress.

    The problem with CodeStyling is that it insists the translation file be named the same as the plugin name. This is a problem. It is supposed to follow the

    Text Domain: dr_text_domain

    name given in the Plugin header. It doesn’t so you get the wrong file names. The header of each plugin gives a name for that text domain and translation file. It’s only for themes that the standard country code.po naming is default. Other wise you’d tend to have colliding text domains.

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