Trying to update my register.php page but there is a Pro Sites radio box issue

The above page looks like scrap

I will be fixing the CSS 'look' of it...

meanwhile there is a supporter section which i do not have access to..?

Any ideas?

<div class="register-section clear" id="supporter">
			<label class="label">Premium</label>
	    Tradr Premium allows you to sell items in the Tradr marketplace!
			<label class="checkbox" for="psts_signed_up_yes">
				<input type="radio" id="psts_signed_up_yes" name="psts_signed_up" value="yes" checked="checked">
				<strong>I'm Interested</strong>
			<label class="checkbox" for="psts_signed_up_no">
				<input type="radio" id="psts_signed_up_no" name="psts_signed_up" value="no">
				<strong>Not Now</strong>