Trying to use my own checkout + Stripe Gateway - Prosites + Custom

First - Does pro sites send subscriptions that renew indefinately unless cancelled/changed in stripe (or by gateway communicating to stripe)?
I know it does not send coupons to check stripe - so only reason i ask (i believe it does send subscriptions normally without need to send renewal)

Second - Does Pro Sites have Expire Timer going so that if it does not receive a successful IPN (paypal) or Webhook (stripe) of the renewal of the customer_id, it will deactivate them?

I am looking at how the stripe gateway files work, webhooks, etc. I am having a hard time following the php ones.

It seems that it would just be better to create own script to update records.

I have my own checkout stripe form. I want to use that with pro sites stripe. So should they decide to cancel payments, or we upgrade the subscription level, it is tied in (and site auto provisions)

It seems the PSTS listener monitors the Customer Id from stripe webhook, looks it up in the **_pro_sites_stripe_customers to get the blog_id that customer is tied to (does it worry about the DESCRIPTION set at stripe for the customer?)

Then it would downgrade or change the data in

Ie - changing the record for blog_ID to the level, setting an expire time, Gateway, term, amount.

So if i had a signup form that setup payment/fees/etc, then the thank you page on success then has a script that updates data in _pro_sites ; and adds a record with blog_id and customer_id in _pro_sites_stripe_customers; would that then work ?

Would the webhook then function without to upgrade/downgrade/modify things on successful renewals or customer cancels?

Do i need to worry about the table pro_sites_signup_stats ? (ie adding a Modify / signup record for when they sign up?)