Trying to use two domains for my install, one TLD for the frontend and the other for the backend

HI guys.. first time caller, long time listener…

Sorry about this but this is going to have to be a long question. I need to explain my situation and I, with thanks, ask for advice on the concept as well as a solution to my problem(s). I also cannot give the real TLD names to protect the innocent.

Some background: Our company makes white label mobile phone apps and I am setting up WP as the backend content service for these apps. Each new app we sell will be given a blog (on a subdirectory) that they will use to manage and add content on their app. As a result, when we reach our target sales, we will have many hundreds of apps in the market, each of them connected to their own blog belonging to our network of blogs at the ‘’ domain.

We have/will have multiple app platforms, eg: business app, real estate app… and so on. Each of these platforms will have similar, but not identical, content needs and purposes, so they each will need their own WP content network. I have/will, therefore, create several WP networks on the TLD. Each of these sub-directory based networks will be on their own subdomains (hence as the ‘home location’ for the Business app content network).

I also plan to provide two ‘front-ends’ to each content network. One front-end is the particular app that is connected to a particular client’s blog. The app will connect to the blog via the domain (this domain has a dedicated IP) and clients, too, will log into the domain to manage their content. Of course, it will be necessary to direct them to their particular subdomain network where their blog is located (eg, bizapp.<blog_name> for a business app platform).

The other ‘front-end’ is a separate TLD. For the example of the bizapp. network, this TLD is ‘’. I want to create a ‘shopping mall’ on this domain that presents the content of in a MarketPress driven network where each app backend blog has also become a shopping site on the ‘’ TLD.

Additionally, I need to provide the same shopping, payment and functionality features to the visitors at as well as the individual users of each individual app. So, a visitor can go to<name_of_app_blog> to purchase products, make appointments (with Appointments+), get events (with Events+) and so on. Likewise, that same capability will be in the app belonging to that same blog cms connected at<name_of_app_blog>. I will also be using prosites and multi-domain to manage these networks and offer upgrade features to clients.

Phew… sorry, that was a lot of info.. but I felt I needed to explain so that you knew what I was doing, to let me know if I am attempting the impossible or to tell me how to do it better, and to help me with this issue…

My issue/problem: I have (I think) installed multi-domains and domain mapping correctly. And have also added ‘’ as and parked TLD. I can access the admin area via just fine. However, when I browse to the url resolves to – I need the url to remain Also, I can access a test sub blog at, but I cannot get to it (404 error) at

My other question: Are you able to advise me on your thoughts about my concept? Will it work?

I plan to do a similar thing with another network at and another TLD for a real estate app and real estate listings site. I, too, have other app platforms in the pipeline that will do same. So I’m hoping that this concept is sound and replicable.

Thanks so much