TTFB HELL! (Time to First Byte)


I’m not sure how much detail you want so please disregard anything irrelevant and move on.

My website has been through struggles for the following reason…

Consistently experiencing a 7 second delay in TTFB (Time to First Byte) “

My checklist of what I did to try to resolve this.

1: Changed hosting Company… now with Network Solutions; now on “Premium Web Hosting Package

2: Upgraded RAM size in httaccess file

3: Disabled ALL plugins (to test with same results)

4: Still have same issue. (Time to First Byte) (7 second delay in “first byte”:wink:

5: Purchased your “Plug-in Package

6: Installed several features of your application.

7: Smushed pics, shrunk code etc.

8: Although your application helped in numerous ways… I have (7 second delay in “first byte”:wink:

9: Tested a file access from my hosting server.. Large image and 4 Meg video

Both downloaded instantly from my hosting server.

Is there any way you could

A: See if I’m using your program (Apps) correctly or am I missing something?

B: Relay to me ANYTHING that would make sense to resolve this.

Follow up question..

*** If a new theme is involved because of theme or scripts in theme…

Although I have recent backups from WordPress “All Content” saved locally, is a new theme easy to switch without having to redo a lot of design work?

One last comment…

The Site loads very fast once first byte is released. (under 1 second) IN ALL TESTS MENTIONED

Thank you in advance.

Dan M